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Members, please read below regarding our updated pickleball programs.


Pickleball Programs

Open Play | Skill Rated Courts

Effective 10/10 our Pickleball Open Play will have dedicated courts that are reserved for players with a specific rating.

Although we will still have days and events where it is completely open, the ultimate goal is to provide fair and equal play for all skill levels at Wildflower.

In order to play on specific rated court, a player is REQUIRED to have that rating. Please read below for additional information.

As of now the court ratings will be the following. (Subject to change)

Advanced 4.0 +

Intermediate 3.5-3.9

Beginner/Intermediate 3.0-3.4

What Rating Is Wildflower Using?

As of now, Wildflower will allow players to use 3 different rating systems to qualify for rated play days.

DUPR (Dreamland Universal Rating)

WPR (World Pickleball Rating)

UTPR (Universal Tournament Pickleball Rating)

Out of the 3 main rating systems that exist, players may choose the highest one to qualify for skill rated courts.

For Example | Sara is a...

DUPR 4.0

WPR 3.5

UTPR 3.0

Sara would qualify for the 4.0 + advanced courts.

What If I Do Not Have A Rating?

Players without ANY tournament or official league history will be given a rating by myself (Jeff Contreras) and place you where you fit best. You will be required to play in matches and record them to get an actual rating here at the club. Don't worry, I can help you with this.

What If I Do Not Agree With Your Assessment On My Skill?

If you do not agree with my 20 years of professional racquet sports experience, I would encourage you to go and EARN a rating by competing in a tournament and or league. Wildflower is set to host multiple opportunities through the week and weekend so that you can do this right here at the club.

How Do I Find Out If I Have A Rating?

For your WPF and UTPR Rating, you will be able to find it by logging into

If you have registered and played a tournament through this site, you will have a rating.

For you DUPR rating, you will have to login to your DUPR account. Here you will find your rating. Most players that have played in leagues will automatically have a rating without having ever logged into DUPR.

Lots of players can simply search their name and claim their profile. If you need help with this, please let me know.

How Do I Improve My Rating So I Can Play On Higher Level Courts?

There are 3 Main ways to do this.

  1. You and 3 others play games and record your matches through the DUPR App. This will give you a rating instantly. You can do this at the Wildflower.

  2. Play in a Wildflower League or Doubles Shoot Out ( Coming Soon )

  3. Play in a pickleball tournament. There are LOTS of tournaments both sanctioned and non sanctioned. You can find them at

How Do I Improve my UTPR Rating?

Play in a SANCTIONED Pickleball Tournament. You can find these tournaments on

How Do I Improve my WPR Rating?

Play in an UNSANCTIONED Pickleball Tournament. These are great because there are more tournaments that are unsanctioned. Wildflower is set to host seasonal tournaments soon.

How Do I Improve my DUPR Rating?

You and 3 others play games and record your matches through the DUPR App. This will give you a rating instantly. If you need help with this please contact me.

You can also play in Wildflower Leagues. League results will be sent to DUPR.

Do I Need To Sign Up Through Court Reserve To Let Others Know I Am Coming?

Yes, although it is not required, this does help everyone to know who is coming to play. I know a lot are using Team Reach which is great however, Court Reserve is the official RSVP system.

Will There Be More Opportunity For Beginner Pickleball Play and Leagues?

Absolutely, as of now we are planning for Beginner Open play that is accompanied by drills and clinics for this specific skill group.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Jeff Contreras 254-493-0217

Wildflower Tennis and Pickleball


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