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Member Spotlight | Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off for Luke Droege at District Tennis Tournament

Wildflower Junior Tennis

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Photo -Luke Droege

Division - High School 5A Singles Champion

Luke Droege's passion for tennis began at a young age, and he has been working to improve his skills ever since. His dedication and perseverance paid off in a big way at the boys high school district tennis tournament, where he faced some fierce competition. Despite the pressure, Luke remained focused and determined, playing with confidence and skill to emerge as the first-place winner.

"I have gotten the chance to see Luke's game progress through the years and I must say that he is extremely talented. Im lucky to have worked with Luke on a technical level. He has always been a great tennis student and always listens to what I have to say. He really is just a great kid. Im looking forward to seeing what he can do in years to come."

- Jeff Contreras | Wildflower Racquet Sports Director

Luke's victory was a testament to the hours of practice and training he put in to become the best player he could be. His hard work and commitment to the sport served him well at the tournament, where he played with determination and skill to come out on top.

Congratulations, Luke, on your impressive achievement – may you continue to shine both on and off the court.

1st Place In High School District 5A

Congratulations to Luke Droege and good luck!


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