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Local High School Tennis Star and Wildflower Member Takes First Place in District Tournament

Wildflower Junior Tennis

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Photo -Jeff Contreras | Wildflower Racquet Sports Director, Keegan Dutton | Temple Hight School, Kory Putman | Tennis Pro

Wednesday March 29 | Division - High School 6A

Have you heard about Keegan Dutton, the high school tennis player who recently won first place in his district tournament? It's pretty amazing! He worked really hard to get there, practicing with his coach and focusing on improving his skills.

"Keegan is one of the fastest kids I have ever gotten to work with. We hit weekly and each time his ground strokes are getting heavier with spin. I would go as far as to say that he has some of the best groundstrokes in the entire county. No one hits like him. This kid is on a different level."

- Jeff Contreras | Wildflower Racquet Sports Director

On the day of the tournament, Keegan was determined to give it his all. He played his heart out, using everything he had learned in his training.

Match after match, Keegan kept winning, taking down opponent after opponent.

Everyone was so proud of Keegan, especially his family, friends, and teammates. It was a huge accomplishment, and it showed just how talented and hardworking he really is.

Looking forward, Keegan is excited to keep practicing and training, hoping to achieve even greater success in the world of competitive tennis. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll see him competing at the DI Level.

1st Place In High School District 6A

Congratulations to Keegan and good luck!


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