Women's Doubles Club League

About this league

Join us for this awesome and challenging ladder league. Each week, players will play 3 sets and move up or down courts the following week based on their score. This is a members only league. 


Registration Begins May 12 and ends May 19

6 Week Season | Starting May 20th - June 24th

Wednesdays 9:00am-11:00am


Registration for this league will be online and accessible through "yourcourts". If you are a member and do not have access to this please click here to get started.  You will only have to register one time for the 6 week season. Our player max is 24 and everyone who signs up after will be placed on a "wait list" or "sub list". 

League Format

At the beginning of the season, players will be separated by their NTRP Rating. If you do not know your rating please call 254-493-0217 for assistance. Players will play 3 standard sets to 6 - NO AD (Tie Break at 6 all)  with each player on their court and record their score. The player with the least amount of games for that day will move down a court. The person with the most games will move up to the next court. 

In the event of a tie - First Week - Players will spin their racquet to see who moves up or down. Players with a higher rating will automatically move up without having to spin. 

In the event of a tie - second week on - players will refer to their overall grand total scoring. Whoever has the highest will move up or stay. 

Grand Total Scoring

At the end of each day, each player will have a grand total score for the day win or lose. 

For Example - If your scores for the day were 6-2 (Win) , 3-6 (Loss), 2-6 (Loss) then you will have a grand total score of  11 Games for the day. 

At the end of the season all games for each player will be added up to see who has the most games at the end. 

League Winners

There will be a potential of 5 winners in this league. The first 4 winners of the league will be players that end up on court 1 at the end of the season. The potential 5th winner will be the player with the most games at the end of the season. 

Player Subs

League players are responsible for finding subs in the event that they can't make it for the week. If you need assistance please call. 

Located in Temple Texas,  Wildflower Tennis Center features 6  lighted outdoor hard Tennis courts, 4 lined Pickleball courts, 2 lined 60ft kids courts, 4 lined 36ft kids courts and 2 lined 60ft Pop Tennis Courts. 

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