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Welcome / Wom Beginner Tennis

Hey Everyone! 


The following must be done in order to start your online account so that you will be able to sign up for beginner classes through the week. If you were not at the orientation, no problem please follow all instructions below. 

Please read everything in each step. 

1. Sign up for an online account

 - Sign up Here >>> Online Account For Your Courts

- Remember, you will NOT get a confirmation email when you sign up for YourCourts. Your password is auto set to "wildflower" all lowercase. Simply use your e-mail for your user name once you have registered. 

2. Watch the Tutorials to learn how to sign up for your beginner sessions.

- Link Here >>> How To Sign Up For Drills/Clinics 

- Remember, your sessions will be title "Womens Beginner Tennis"

-Practices are typically held at 8:30pm-10pm Monday - Thursday. 

-You must sign up online in order to participate. 

3. Things to remember when signing up. 

- Remember, registration for all classes start on Sunday at 6pm. 

- Set an alarm for reminder. 

- Remember, it is who ever signs up first that will get into classes. Classes are typically 8:1 Ratio

- We will NOT take walk ins. You must reserve a spot online. 

Quick Links 

For shoes, apparel, racquets, etc go to Tennis Warehouse >>> TENNIS WAREHOUSE

What To Bring To Practice


Bring Your own Water or sports drinks

Bring your own towel

If you do not have a racquet, we will provide one for you. 

Remember to order tennis shoes. 

If you have qny questions, please feel free to reach out! 

Cant wait for Monday! 

See everyone then!

Jeff Contreras


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