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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Join us for this super flexible and fun singles league at WFCC.

From Our Tennis Director


Hey everyone!

Below you will find some general information regarding this Flex Singles League.

About This League

This is a fun singles league that will last between 4-6 weeks. Players will be divided up by their tennis rating and grouped. The "Flex" part about this is league is that there is no set day for play. Players will have an entire week to play their match for that week. Matches will be posted weekly on our website. Players will be responsible for contacting each other, setting up their match and recording their score at the end.

This League is for Members of Wildflower.

Player Divisions

Players may play up by half of point in this league if they choose. For example.

Divisions will be:

2.5 coed singles

3.0 coed singles

3.5 coed singles

4.0 coed singles

4.5 coed singles

If Mary is a 3.0 player but wants to play in the 3.5 division of singles she may do that. She cannot play down to 2.5.

Players may play 2 divisions if they choose to.

See Division Draws

Play Format

Players will play 2 out of 3 sets for each match with a super tie breaker for the 3rd set.

Official League Start Date

Jan 24.

Registration Open Now

To register for this click the registration button below.

Registration Closed

Jan 21

Posted Draws and Formatting.

Jan 22 ( Players will receive a Text Message)


Additional Information

Player Responsibilities

  • Players must call each other and set up matches weekly

  • Players must report their score digitally. Form will be provided below.

  • Players will be responsible to bringing their own tennis balls or use club tennis balls if the carts are out.

  • Players are responsible for reserving their own tennis court at WFCC.

Player Rules

  • If one payer can't make a match for the week, that player will be defaulted.

  • There will be NO player subs for this league.


Make sure and bring your own water bottle.

Things To Know

After registration is completed, players will receive a text message with all the information that is needed such as

  • Links to report your score

  • Links to see who you are playing for the week

  • Links to see overall league draw and formatting



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Jeff Contreras

Wildflower Tennis Department Head



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