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"OH YA" 7 Strategies for 100 Point Challenge you may or may not know about. Part 1

If you don't know what the 100 point challenge is then your not a true tennis player. Simply's the best tennis game in the world. This extremely crazy doubles formatted tennis game has quickly taken over Wildflower Country Club Tennis and has given me multiple asthma attacks while feeding this amazing game. For those who play, here is a list of strategies that you may or may not know about.

1. Calling Powerball at 59 instead of 69

Now the rule is that you will lose the powerball if your score goes past 69 points and you have not used it yet however, the trick is to call powerball at 59 points so that just in case you lose the point and go down 30 points (you will now have 29) all you have to do is get 1 more point to be eligible again.


2. Make the other team suffer. Opposite Hand!

Quickly becoming one of my favorite rules of this game, tanking a few points if your the receiving team is the way to go.

Your team has 76 points and the other team has 92 points. For this example, your team is receiving the feed. Its best to give away 7 points by simply just hitting the ball out or even into the net and bringing them to 99 points which will force them to play with the opposite hand.

This controversial rule will either make your dreams come true or not.


3. Not today! -10

Ok, so this does pertain to the above strategy. Lets say that your the team that is suffering and now is at 99 points and forced to play with your opposite hand. Well, simply hit the ball over the fence and drop back down to 89 points so that you can play normally. I know...its easier said than done however, you won't find it difficult to do this if your the team receiving the feed.


4. "Oh Ya" ..think again!

So I really haven't seen this one used but I will explain what I would do in this scenario.

So, your team has managed to get the receiving team to 99 points forcing them to play with their opposite hand and they hit the feed out of the court bringing them down to 89 points again.

Now.....heres is what I would do.

When they are receiving the next feed, I would just let them hit a winner for 10 points brining them back up to 99 points putting them in opposite hand play yet again.

Although this is risky, but I would encourage you to try this. Remember...dreams come true in this game.


5. Hit the "Target"

As we all have figured out by now, we have some very aggressive poachers in this game and its a challenge to pass these net players while your receiving the feed. Sometimes its best to go directly at the net player causing an error or possibly a winner. I would also like to add that you could try and lob however, as I have witnessed, they are not always successful. This could result in your partner getting a tattoo.


6. Block Mode

As we all know, we have some heavy hitters here at WF and I would just like to remind everyone to keep your racquet up and always be ready.

With that being said, here are some 5 simple rules when facing a forehand down the line

1. brace for impact

2. think about your loved ones

3 pray

4. keep your RACQUET UP!

5. run (optional)

Ok, lets be serious, your volley is not going to be anything special so don't try anything fancy. You will be lucky if you get a racquet on this kind of stroke.

Try your best and block the ball!

I have personally received heavy forehands and have been burned down the line and have made errors on my volleys.

A very difficult shot to get back.

Also very traumatic....


7. "The Bailey"

Although frowned upon in the tennis world, it is highly encourage to dish out a little smack talk here and there to frustrate the other players.

Phrases that are the best to use.

1. "Get that stuff outta here"

2. "We are going to kick your butt"


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