Parents Program Check List and Guide

How do parents know when the kids have progressed and are ready for the next level? 

Below is a very comprehensive guide and check list that ensures progression and development. 

Players in this program must be able to do the following: 

Hit at 80% - This means that players must hit the ball 8 out of 10 times while they are at practice. It does not matter if the ball is in or out. We are focusing on contact and hand eye coordination. This is for all major strokes such as Forehand, Backhand, Volleys, Serves. 

Tennis Lines - Players must know all tennis lines on their court. This is done by verbal commands from the teaching pro. Players must go to those lines when they are called out. This include Baseline, Hatchmark, Service Line, Side Line. 

Line Calls - Players must understand the difference of "In" and "Out" and make the call verbally. This must be 100%. Players will  * participate through certain drills and games for practice. 

Scoring - Players will play fun tennis games and learn to keep score. Players will have to verbally call out the score in addition to using tennis cones or score cards to aid them. Remember, it does not matter who wins or loses these fun games. Its about learning. 

Once the players are able to accomplish the check list and guide the Teaching Tennis Pro will notify the parents that it is time to move up into the next class and level up. The next class will have a new check list and guidelines. 

Equipment Needed

Tennis Racquet - Parents, once enrolled, we recommend on purchasing a 19 Inch or 21 Inch kids racquet. Racquets can be found at the following links. 

Tennis Shoes - Parents, we highly recommend in getting actual tennis shoes to avoid injury. Kids Tennis Shoes can be found at the following links. 

Located in Temple Texas,  Wildflower Tennis Center features 6  lighted outdoor hard Tennis courts, 4 lined Pickleball courts, 2 lined 60ft kids courts, 4 lined 36ft kids courts and 2 lined 60ft Pop Tennis Courts. 

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