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Below you will find policies, rules and guidelines for guest facility use and guest participation within Wildflower Programs. 

Details Below. 

Questions: Call Jeff Contreras / Department Head

Guest Policy

Bringing A Guest To Play Tennis

Members of Wildflower may bring guests to the club for casual tennis play. All guests must be accompanied by a member or have the tennis director's approval for facility use. Members are responsible for filling out the "Bring A Guest" digital form below to communicate with the tennis director that there will be guests at the tennis center. 

Guests are allowed 2 times total each month for casual play and are subject to the $10 guest fee each time. Guest fees will automatically be placed on the members account. 

How to bring a guest to Wildflower Tennis: 

1. Fill out the digital form below

2. Book your court online

3. Have Fun

Bring A Guest Form

Thanks for submitting!

Guest Participating In Drills/Clinics

Guests/Non-Members of Wildflower are allowed to register/sign up for tennis programming year round. Guests will have to sign up on our online system or call ahead in order to participate in programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - As a member, what if I am on the waitlist and there is a non-member registered for the class? 

A - One of Two things will happen.


1. The non-member will be removed from the class and you will be added to the class. We ask that if you see this that you please contact the tennis director immediately to make changes in a timely manner. Please be respectful in that if you sign up several hours before your program begins, that we will most likely add a spot for you. 

2. We will add a spot for you in the program. 

Q - What if I know someone who wants to do a drill or clinic. How do we go about getting them involved? 

A - Please have your guest contact the director of tennis 254-493-0217 so that we can save a spot for them. 

Q - Does the same 2 times a month rule apply to drills/clinics/events etc.? 

A - As of now the answer is NO, guests are allowed to do as many drills/clinics as they wish. 

Guest Participating USTA Leagues/Club Leagues

Guests are allowed to play on a USTA Team here at WF. Guests may not captain the team. Guests are also subject to a league fee set forth by our Tennis Department Head. 

Guests will not be allowed to play in Club Leagues unless asked to substitute.

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